Scoot Plus

Wide premium leather seats with double the legroom
30kg check-in baggage - 15kg cabin baggage
Choice of meal + beverage (includes alcoholic beverage choices)
Priority check-in and boarding
30MB Wifi & In-seat power

Max Your Space

Need more space on your flight? Purchase up to 2 empty seats next to you and fully relax on your flight! MaxYourSpace is available in a first-come-first-serve basis! So, what are you waiting for?

Scoot Thru

Our improved Scoot-Thru service just got better! Enjoy complimentary flight connections when you connect between Scoot flights or with our selected partner airlines at Singapore Changi Airport.


In the mood for a more glamorous departure experience? Look no further than Scoot-in-Style - our package of premium privileges at an affordable price

Kiosks Check-In

Tired of queuing? Ditch the queues with our self-service check-in kiosks! Kiosk check-in is available from 18hrs to 70mins before flight.

Scoot Cafe

It’s probably the hippest place to eat at 35,000 feet. Enjoy Scoot's Premium Selections, exclusively available for pre-order only!